Thank you again Seattle Times!

Thank you once more to the Seattle Times.

"Voters should not be misled by Snohomish County Executive John Lovick’s campaign brochure. The Seattle Times editorial board recommends his challenger, Dave Somers."




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Ready to Go!

Nice cool day for doorbelling and  Hewitt is ready to go....



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Thank you Everett Herald!

I want to thank the Everett Herald for their endorsement of my candidacy for Snohomish County Executive! I pledge to all of you that it will be my top priority to restore fiscal restraint, an open and collaborative approach to county government, and an open door to the citizens of Snohomish County.

I respectfully ask for your support and vote in the primary election - ballots are out now!


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Join me for coffee!

On Saturday, July 17th, I will be visiting your community and would love to have a chance to talk about issues important to you!


I will be in Bothell at 10 a.m. at 527 Coffee on the Bothell Everett Highway.

At noon I will be in Mountlake Terrace/Brier at Starbucks at 22803 44th Ave. West

At 2 p.m. I will be in Edmonds at Café Ladro on Main Street

and at 4 p.m. I will be at Starbucks in Everett at 2615 Broadway.


Please join me... it is my 34th wedding anniversary to boot!

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Seattle Times Endorsement!

I am very happy and grateful for the sole endorsement by the Seattle Times!

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Many thanks for a great start!

In case you missed my announcement, you may view it at


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Dave Somers Announces Campaign for Snohomish County Executive






For More Information:

Dave Somers 425-348-8677

 For Immediate Release

Monday, May 11th, 2015


MONROE – Snohomish County Council Chairman Dave Somers announced his candidacy today for Snohomish County Executive.

 "For too long, there has simply been too much mismanagement and too little leadership in the County Executive's Office,” Somers said. “It's time to renew the county's focus on fair, ethical and transparent government that gets results for the people of Snohomish County. I want to focus on the future.”

 Somers, a Democrat, is challenging fellow Democrat John Lovick, who was appointed to replace Aaron Reardon in 2013 after Reardon resigned amid scandal. Somers said Lovick’s failure to grasp the complex issues facing Snohomish County have had a deeply damaging impact.

 John Lovick’s mismanagement has brought Snohomish County into great financial difficulty,” Somers said. “His actions include millions of dollars of cost overruns while he was sheriff, millions more in wrongful death lawsuits, disproportionally large raises for some of the highest paid county staff, and proposed budgets that were millions of dollars out of balance. On top of all that, he eliminated the Finance Director position. The County’s reserves are now at an all-time low. This has got to stop."

 Somers is committed to redoubling the county's efforts to bring living wage jobs to Snohomish County, working to diversify our local economy, providing the transportation infrastructure necessary to get commuters and goods where they need to go, and protecting our quality of life.

 "We need strong leadership to bring the next generation of manufacturing jobs to our county,” he said. “I am committed to recruiting more of those kinds of jobs, which are the foundation of a strong local economy and lasting prosperity that’s shared by all.”

 At the same time, Somers will prioritize our urgent transportation infrastructure needs, including securing state and federal funds to upgrade our highways, renewed focus on reducing traffic bottlenecks, and getting light rail into Snohomish County.

 "One of my top transportation priorities will be replacing at-grade rail crossings throughout the county so we can provide true traffic congestion relief,” Somers said.

 The Snohomish County Executive manages more than 1,100 county employees. The Executive also presents and oversees county budgets, proposes legislation, and enforces county ordinances and statutes.

 “Our County’s success requires leadership that brings people together in a spirit of cooperation to address our key challenges,” Somers said. “To lead effectively, the Executive must work every day to earn the ongoing respect of citizens and leaders inside Snohomish County and throughout the region. As County Executive, I will work hard to restore that ethic of leadership.”

 Dave Somers is a graduate of the University of Washington, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries Science and a Master of Science degree in Forest Ecology.  He was first elected to the Snohomish County Council in 1997 and has served as Chairman five times. His public service includes the Economic Alliance Snohomish County Executive Board, Puget Sound Regional Council Executive Board and Chair of the Growth Management Policy Board, Puget Sound Partnership Chair of Ecosystem Coordination Board, four terms on the Washington State Forest Practices Board, Washington State Associations of Counties Board of Directors, and Vice Chair of the National Associations of Counties Environment/Energy/Land Use Steering Committee.

 Somers was a tuba player and Drum Major in the University of Washington Husky Marching Band and marched in the 1978 Rose Bowl. He's been married to his wife, Elaine, for 34 years. They've lived on 15 acres outside of Monroe since 1986.



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